Rev Fiona Gardner

Rev Fiona Gardner

Rev Fiona Gardner, our minister, was introduced to the church on May 11th 2011. Fiona was ordained in 1997 and, before becoming minister at Temple-Anniesland, has ministered to congregations in various parts of Glasgow. She did her probationary period here at Temple-Anniesland church with the then minister Rev Robert Johnston from 1995-97, and greatly enjoyed that placement. Little did she know that God would call her to return in 2011!

I came to Temple Anniesland church in May 2011, having previously served for a number of years before in churches in Glasgow on the south side of the river. I love Jesus, and my heart’s desire is to share His love with all those I meet.

My vision for the church is that it is Christ’s body on earth, seeking to continue His ministry. We often make mistakes, we get things wrong, but we seek to follow Jesus’ teaching, to live in the love of God the Father the Creator of all things, to be forgiven and set free by Jesus’ death on the cross, and inspired and empowered by His Holy Spirit. During Jesus’ life on earth, he had such a heart to teach and to heal, to challenge injustice, and to love those hurting in body and mind. We are called to continue this work.

As a community, our vision is to deepen this connection with Jesus, through preaching, bible study and study groups, contemplative prayer, retreats, a book group, creativity and holistic selfcare. In this age of covid-19, many are stressed and worried and have experienced so many losses.

God speaks to us in so many ways, bringing healing and peace to those who are hurting and feel broken, through the encouragement of his Word, through prayer and spiritual accompaniment. And so, we seek to share Christ’s love with the whole community in meaningful and creative ways.

We also seek to work for justice, and to work for climate justice, to challenge poverty, and to campaign for religious freedom. Some of the charities that the church supports are: the Lodging House mission, Blythswood care, Christian Aid, TearFund, Christian Solidarity Worldwide. We also support many others – eg Breast Cancer care, the Calman Cancer centre, the Bible society etc.

In my life story, I have lived through family illness and trauma. I seek to learn from this, in offering a listening ear, spiritual accompaniment, and compassion for those who are suffering.

In spare moments, I am found out walking my dog, or reading a book in a coffee shop, or trying to exercise!

I started blogging at  for anyone who wants to follow this.

I would be delighted to chat with you if you have questions or thoughts about the Christian faith, even if you are not involved with any church. For this, or any church matter that you would like to bring to my attention, please get in touch’

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