25 -30 children attended Polar Explorers Holiday Club daily

25 -30 children attended Polar Explorers Holiday Club daily

Our Polar Explorer’s holiday club took place from 27th – 31st July, and we were all transformed into polar adventurers, seeking to explore the vast expanses of ice, to get an important message to Professor Von Evian.

On our journey, we sang songs, made craft, played games, enjoyed snacks, and learned about Bible Explorers:

Peter – never too many mistakes
Stephen – no task too small
Philip – never too near or far
Paul – never too bad
Timothy – never too old or young

We learned that whatever we have done, whoever we are, whatever age or gender we are, we are all part of God’s team.

On average, we had 25-30 Primary one to Primary Seven children each day, and it was great to welcome them and their families.

We had a relatively new and quite small team of huskies (helpers) – but they were fantastic, and worked together brilliantly. Ellen was an amazing coleader (Penguin Ellen – to give Ellen her proper title) and worked so hard preparing everything, with flair and inspiration.

An enormous thank you to everyone on the Polar Explorer team for this week – to Evelyn, Stacey, Jade, John, Louise, June, Christine, Margaret, Sheena and Amanda, Debbie, Gail, Alan and Cara.

A big thank you especially to Louise and Christine who co-ordinated the craft, to Gail and Alan who made the 550 milk bottle igloo, and to Les for making up the Polar explorer powerpoint.
Thank you also to Craig, Heather and Dee for their willingness to help out.

If I have missed anyone please forgive me. Thank you to everyone for their prayers, and donations of amazing cakes! We look forward to our next holiday club next summer!