Fiona talks about being clear about the purpose of the Church and how various Christian writers have seen it. She talks about the root purpose of the church, in the great commandments in Matthew 22:34-40 – how loving God means holding nothing back. The means loving God with every fibre of our being, just like David and Daniel in the Old Testament. We need to love our neighbour in the same way and we need the strength of the Holy Spirit in our hearts to do this well.

She goes on to talk about the church in Thessalonika and Paul’s ministry to that church. She shows how we all have our own particular ministries to offer, our gifts, talents and aptitudes which can be transformative for us and those to whom we offer these aspects of ourselves. In particular she talks about the 3 ministries mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 2; Encouraging, Comforting and Urging each other to live lives worthy of God, loving God and one another. She asks us to see a vision of church that inspires us, to keep the purpose of church close to our hearts and to commit ourselves more fully to Jesus┬áso that┬áthe fruit of this love and commitment is really active in our community and beyond.