On Mothers’ Day with its theme of love, Fiona talks about falling in love with God. She suggests that love is what life is all about, yet it’s one of the simplest and at the same time most complicated things to express. When we look at what it means to love God we are challenged as to why we do things in our lives and what God wants for us. Our model for loving God is the life and priorities of Jesus.

Despite our cultural understanding of love being uncontrollable and ‘just happening’, she points out that loving God is a choice. God won’t force you to love Him. And God’s love is not unpredictable or unreliable. God’s love is deep, strong, intentional, committed.

We do struggle with our side of this loving relationship. But David in Psalm 63 shows how he longs for God’s love and how loving God, ‘is better than life’, ┬áit ‘fills our soul with good things’. God’s love gives us a place to find the rest and restoration that our soul so often needs.

However it is in loving others that we truly experience the full extent of God’s love and find ourselves falling in love with Him again. As Augustine wrote, ‘Falling in love with God is the greatest romance, to seek Him is the greatest adventure, and to find Him is the greatest human achievement.’