Baptisms, weddings and funerals

The Church of Scotland operates on a parish system –  that means that each church is responsible for providing pastoral support for key events such as baptisms, weddings and bereavement, in the life of people living in the local parish. (For information on parish boundaries please see website).

Enquiries  If you would like to talk with the minister about a pastoral issue, please initially send an email via our website, to make contact. A time can then be arranged for an informal chat on the phone or in person.


Baptisms/ blessings.water

Baptism is a sacrament for children and adults. For adults, they make vows of commitment to Jesus Christ. For babies and small children, the parents make certain promises on behalf of their children.  A parent or grandparent needs to have a Christian faith or be a church member in order to be able to make these vows. Baptisms normally take place during worship on a Sunday morning.

Sometimes, parents feel unable to make the vows of baptism, but would still like a service of thanksgiving and blessing for their child, and this too can be discussed.


Christian marriage.Flowers.

When a couple come to the point where they want to find out more about Christian marriage, they can approach the minister of the parish in which they live. The minister can help the couple prepare for their wedding day, and for their married life together.



Bereavement and funeral services.

When a loved one is unwell, anyone within the parish can contact the parish minister for support. Through its parish system, the Church of Scotland seeks to serve all, and the minister of Temple Anniesland Church would want you to contact her if she can support you in times of illness or bereavement. She can be contacted through this website, or in the case of a funeral, also through the undertakers.

There are no charges for  the cost of the minister in any of these services, but you may be asked to contribute towards heating and lighting, organist’s fee etc. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.