Rev Fiona Gardner

Rev Fiona Gardner

Rev Fiona Gardner, our minister, was introduced to the church on May 11th 2011. Fiona was ordained in 1997 and, before becoming minister at Temple-Anniesland, has ministered to congregations in various parts of Glasgow. She did her probationary period here at Temple-Anniesland church with the then minister Rev Robert Johnston from 1995-97, and greatly enjoyed that placement. Little did she know that God would call her to return in 2011!

Fiona and her husband Colin married in 1994, and they have a son Andrew born in 2000.

Fiona writes: ‘I worked at Greenbank Church in Clarkston, Glasgow  as an ordained assistant from 1997-2000, and then went to my first charge at South Shawlands church from 2000-11.  These 11 years were a great time to learn new things, and to develop my ministry style and priorities. At Temple-Anniesland church I have a real desire to help and encourage all of the church family in their worship, learning and growth, no matter what their age group.

What is especially important to me in my ministry is learning about God, through prayer, bible study and self-development. I see having questions as a very positive thing – it’s an opportunity for growth. Being inclusive, especially to those with disabilities is also central, along with a commitment to prayers for healing.   I very much want to encourage families and children and add more opportunities for all ages to worship together.

I am also very committed to issues of world justice, and I’ve been a long standing member of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which seeks to work and campaign on behalf of those Christians around the world, who face discrimination and persecution because of their faith. I am also a member of the World Mission Council in the Church of Scotland.

I would be delighted to chat with you if you have questions or thoughts about the Christian faith, even if you are not involved with any church. For this, or any church matter that you would like to bring to my attention, please get in touch’

You can contact Fiona through the contact page on the web site – by phone or the email form< – and she will contact you soon afterwards.

Family and Youth Worker
Louise Reid