Alpha is an interactive series (13 episodes over 9 weeks) exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

The NEW Alpha Youth Series includes:

  • 13 episodes (avg 23 minutes each) filmed all over the world (LA, London, Vancouver, New York, Jerusalem and more)

How does Alpha work?

  • Food has a way of bringing people together and building community. So even if it’s a light snack, sweets or a full meal, Alpha always starts with food.
  • The talks tackle core questions about life and faith from a Christian perspective. There are 9 weekly episodes and 4 episodes for the Alpha Weekend/Day. Each episode averages 23 minutes in length.
  • Throughout each episode, there are three discussion breaks. These breaks give everyone a chance to share thoughts and ideas in small groups without fear of being corrected or judged.
  • Along the way there are opportunities to experience worship through music and moments for prayer.
  • All of this is done in a fun environment where anyone is welcome.

Come on … Bring your friends … Check it out!